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Human Web series Review – Disney+Hotstar

All About Human ?

Human is an Indian 2022 medical drama streaming television series released on 14 Jan 2022 on Disney+ Hotstar, which portrays about the underbelly of human drug testing and the world of medical scams, that aims to expose the nexus between pharmaceutical companies, large private hospitals and government officials who exploit the poor in human trials for new drugs. This series cast Shefali Shah, Kirti Kulhari , Vishal Jethwa, Ram Kapoor, Mohan Agashe, Seema Biswas, Aditya Srivastav and many more. This is thrilling one series of hostar. Dig deeper into the shadowy world of human drug trials and watch the making of the most awaited medical thriller drama. Actors talk about the dark world of human drug trials.

Story :

Dr. Saira Sabarval (kirti kulhari) was the best cardio surgeon who has been recently jointed the hospital names Manthan and that was owned by Dr. Guari Nath (shefali shah).These decison not gone well with the Dr. shindey who was the Head of Cardiology Department at Mathan. The Mathan was the best and famous hospital in Bhopal. But it had lots of dark secrets in it.

“HUMAN” aims to expose the nexus between pharmaceutical companies, large private hospitals and government officials who exploit the poor in human trials for new drugs. There is a big secret game is in the back side of Manthan, Dr. Gauri Nath has her dream project with Ashok Vaidya of drugs. They used to do drug trials on poor slum people by lieing them and paying some money to them. They used the patients in government hospital who came for their treatment under Dr. Vivek Shikhavat(gaurav dwivedi) who was son in law of committee member of Mathan named Pramod Ahuja (sanddep kulkarni) .

The drug trials cause adverse effects on Dr Vivek Shekhawat’s patients. The effect was seen on all the patients who underwent drug trial by Dr. Shikhawat. One by one, all the patients were dying. The wife of one of the victims of this drug is known to Saira’s father. She tells them that her husband had a fever, they would take him to the hospital, and that the treatment given by the doctor had make her husband ill and he would die. Saira think about that all she start study on this case side by side she doubted that something is happineing in hospital.

Mangu was one of them in the story of human , tempted by an agent into including his parents in a drug trial. He will be paid a sizable amount of money for each round of the trial for each parent, and if he brings in more subjects he stands to earn. The young man is thrilled, unaware that S93R, the drug being tested, is actually banned in Europe and has killed others who didn’t know that they were part of a medical trial. The trial has been tried on mangu’s mom ,she sufferd from the disorder of that drug trial. Mangu’s family meets an activist, OP, who tells them about the drug trials. They collect all information about the drug trial with help of one sister of govrenment hospital who gave the dose of that trail to mangu’s mom.

The fake drug has been started using on patient of Mathan instead of S93R. They show that S93R is good drug and powerful for patients, but it wasn’t! The saira saw the chemicals in that drug which had used in Mathan as well as in the Government hospital, she finds that both chemicals are same but they didn’t shows the same result on patients she clears her dobts , she conclused that the drug trials are going wrong with patients and Dr. Gauri nath is the mindset of this all plan. And she fails the all plan of Dr. Gauri nath , she takes the press confrenss and she tells all things about drug trial and she fire gauri. The Saira reveals the truth to everyone, which puts Gauri in :


Overall this is good for entertainment , but it wasn’t that much thrilling.But the acting of Shefali Khan and Kirti kulhari was stunning. this story is based on real life things which are happineing in the world. It also aims to awareness about drug trials on slum poor people. It is one of the best series on Disney+ Hotstar by their review. But the should to be more inresting according to me. The series contains little shots of abusement and pornography which can be affect the viewers that should avoided.

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